Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I love my library

Let me just go on for a few moments about my library. Even libraries in general. I just love them. I think it's one of my very favourite things that my tax dollars pay for. Trash collecting and paved roads and safety are all very important as well, don't get me wrong. But libraries are so... pleasurable, informative, helpful. In short, wonderful.

Currently I have far too many books out from the library. But that is also the joy of it all! I can sample so much goodness without going into serious credit card debt and then choose what I want to invest in. Meanwhile, my knowledge grows, curiosity gets sparked, questions get answered. 

My library branch happens to be very small. At first I thought this was a negative trait. However, I have come to appreciate it for a few reasons. They have a quiet, little story time that Jacob and I enjoy together and where (due to the smallness) he can actually see the stories being read. When I want a certain book, I simply go online, place a request for it, and it shows up on my local library's hold shelf, with my name on it, ready to be picked up. Easy, breezy. I still enjoy going to the bigger branches and oggling at the bigger selection of books, of course, but our branch fulfills all my needs. And we can walk there! 

I was very proud of Jacob today. He sat and "read" his books while I searched for others. We got a bit carried away today. At the end, he was just walking along picking books off the shelf at random (I wonder where he's seen that?). I had to kindly suggest that we had enough books at this point. But who am I to tell someone else to stop when I myself cannot?! Heehee...

All, just $4!

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