Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas in review

Our Christmas weekend was lovely, filled with much relaxing, playing and eating. Some of my favourite gifts:

- Fraser not being on call for the weekend
- being able to Skye with our wonderful and too-far-away families
- the choice of what to make for Christmas dinner and the means to get it 
- sunshine
- having a really good book to read (The Hunger Games trilogy - read it but only, and I'm very serious about this part, if you have nothing else to do until you finish all three books)

Of course, there were many other wonderful things sent our way. Jacob's favourite gifts are 1) the Chaos Tower - a mega marble track with trampolines and cups and bells included, a mini ball museum, 2) Hungry Hungry Hippos (Fraser and I quite like that one too) and 3) a little trampoline. 

 I hope all your Christmases were equally as merry :)

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