Friday, March 25, 2016

this is it. and it's perfect.

So, where in the world have I been? That's easy - Georgia. And what have I been doing? Well... in a nutshell, taking care of myself and my kids and beginning to create a life I love and am living powerfully.

The thing about life is that it's always throwing stuff at you. Things that you don't see coming or that you might see coming but you look the other way because you don't really want to see them coming. And that's just the nature of life. I knew from an early age I'm not here to just go along with the circumstances of my life and let them dictate what I can do or who I can be. Over the past few years, though, that's how I've been living. 

Over the past seven months, I have been working hard at rediscovering who I am for myself, my kids and my family. Last summer, at the beginning of this journey, the hills of the roller coaster felt a lot more scary and life felt a lot more out of control. But I put structures in place that I knew would support me. 

I took a coaching course by my friend Sage, which helped me get back in touch with my confidence. I've been involved in Landmark; their programs which have truly given me myself and my life back. And I have recently started a wellness business with Arbonne, a job which is allowing me to have my cake (making a full-time income to support me and my kids) and eat it too (working this business part-time so I can be home with those same kiddos). This job also pushes me in so many areas of personal growth, and I just love that!

Because here's the other thing about life - there ain't no dress  rehearsal. This is it, people. So this is the year of my personal phoenix. I am continually burning away the layers that have piled up over the years: the resignation, the doubt, the complacency. A new me is emerging from the ashes: strong, confident, empowered, free. This is my life. And I get to choose what it will be. 

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