Monday, January 26, 2015

on a spring-like day

Such a lovely time we all had last week and weekend celebrating our little boy! 

Friends, food, homemade whoopie pies and lemon bars.... yum! Our house was filled with many new friends and old ones as well as we celebrated making it through this first special year. So many changes: happy times, challenges (mostly sleep-related) and finding our way as a family of four. 

From this little face...

To this little face....

Benjamin is delightful: smiley, interactive, adorable, eager, funny, boisterous. He's also loud, determined, stubborn, a go-getter, messy. A mix that will be interesting to see play out over the years. 

Today is such a delightful, spring-like day, that I took his little snack outside with him. He, of course, had more fun with the container than the food. Which was okay with me because we were outside!

A lovely day to sit outside, let the baby be messy and curious while I take a few quick clicks.


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