Sunday, December 28, 2014

catching up in pictures

Too long, friends.... too long away. Celebrating Christmas, hanging with Jacob with school being out, finger-walking Benjamin around and trying to understand what he wants when he points, grunts, screams or lunges toward things.... all of this has kept me on my toes. 

So... I'm just going to throw the pictures at you. Nothing elegant. Not many words. Just plain and simple. I'm hoping the words will strike me again before the New Year, but no guarantees!

P.S. There are a lot of Benjamin pictures here. I don't think anyone can accuse me of taking less pictures of my second child than my first.

Lots of character in those Flatirons today

Not a thumb sucker.. just had it in there for a moment!

his "walker"

Jacob wanted to learn to play chess...

post Santa

Grammy knows this boy...

I'm in paper up to my butt!
Just what he asked for from Santa

ooohh... toothbrushes! (the kid loves watching us brush)

playing along with the patty-cake song

handmade horses by Grammy for Benjamin

using his Perler bead sweeper from Aunt Julie - awesome!!

snugly in his new robe with his puppy snuggled in too

You think long and hard about that, you hear me?

I can't get up!

This is what I've been wanting to explore!

Got ourselves a snow bunny here...

Trick horses

Hope you're all wrapping up 2014 nicely!



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