Tuesday, March 11, 2014

our life in pictures

Quick, before the baby wakes up....

Closet before

Marble play during, of course

Closet after.... in progress

Oh.... bliss

Two men and a bookcase

One man and a baby

Yay, grandparents :)

Family of four :)

I will not smile, I will not smile.....
We also have primed over the lovely (ahem) purple of our bedroom (thank you, Pop!!) and I am in the finalizing (hopefully) process of picking a new colour. It might take a few weekends to get it actually painted but.... it will happen. 

Ben's quickly outgrowing outfits and tiny diapers, becoming more aware and alert every day and getting better (usually) at sleeping at night. 

We enjoyed a lovely week with Fraser's parents which meant getting some things done, not having to hold the baby myself all the time, being able to go on errands sans baby, taking a shower during the day, going out several nights in a row (fun but tiring) and eating some delicious dishes! Whew! And now we're back to going to bed around 8:30 (not kidding) or as soon as the baby is asleep :)

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