Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Happy uh.... Thanksgiving

Yes, it is as if I have fallen into the void. I usually enjoy Christmas but this year I feel it's kind of more of a hassle; several more boxes for me to unpack and then re-pack a month later when I still have boxes of our actual things to unpack? Seriously? Sigh... 

So, I am only now just getting to some pictures from our Thanksgiving back in Michigan. It was a fun time: lots of snow, lots of great playing with the aunts and uncles for Jacob and some good hang-out times for me. As usual, I came back ready to get some serious sleep and give myself a break for a few days. 

foggy lens affect

me and Gran

Thanksgiving, round 2

Listening to The Nutcracker

32 weeks!

Helping Uncle Nick smile

Rolled the middle ball too heavy....


Got 'er done :)

Whew! Now that that post is done, I can go on writing about current things..... at some point :)

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  1. Great pictures of all! Looks like you had so much fun with your family! There's so many people that love you.