Sunday, February 17, 2013

"lost pics" and Jacobisms

My wonderful husband who knows more about technology than I do (and this is why you marry someone with a different skill set than yourself), recovered the pictures we took on Mt. Hood the other day! 

These poles are my originals - 18 years old!!

And he put the video of Jacob skiing onto the computer:

Also, some funny lines, phrases or stories from the boy...

:: "It's super boring in the morning. We don't do anything fun." 

:: At bed time:
   J: I have something to give you.
  M: A boogey?
   J: Uh-huh.
  M: Is this a sign of your love?
   J: Uh-huh. Can you count to ten hundred and eighty-four?
  M: Yes, but it would take me a long time.

:: "Next Christmas I want five cups of fortunate cookies, because I like fortunate cookies." 

:: "Note to self..."

:: "What are you saying, Willis?"

:: J: Hey, Kenny. How are you today?
    Fraser pretends to answer for "Kenny"
   J: No, Daddy, I was talking to Kenny.
  D: Did he answer?
  J: No, he's a ball! Balls don't have brains.

:: "Taste my milk, it's super good."

:: At bed time, after asking me one question, he says, "I forgot, this is a connecting question."

:: One day, I parked by a restaurant that had a sign out front that read "Happy Hour Daily". From the backseat, Jacob says, "Are we going to that happy hour restaurant?" I asked him what he meant and if he saw the words somewhere. Of course I couldn't get anything out of him. If my four-year-old knows the words happy hour, does that mean we've been going to too many? Hmm...

:: We got a small package in the mail from Grammy. Jacob says, "Maybe it's a little marble track. My two favourite things are cherries and marble tracks. Or ball tracks."

:: He doesn't often want to tell us full stories about his day or what he's been doing. But occasionally it happens, and it's really cute. 
    When we picked him up from his second skiing lesson, I noticed he had different boots on so I asked him about them. "The lady in red said, you're too big for these boots. She asked me if I could feel the boot with my toes and I said I have a little room in there." His other boots were actually too big for his feet.
    He was playing in a fort made from these sticks and balls that connect. He'd taken one off the structure and put it elsewhere. He was telling me about it: "This one was loose so I thought, might as well take it off. Then I did this (he bobs his head a bit and taps the stick against another stick) for a bit and then I looked up and thought, oh, it could go up there. But I thought, if I put it there I won't be able to stand up but I thought about it for a bit and then was like, I'll do it." 
    He makes "food" for us and he'll say things like, "This is made with sour cream. Well, not really sour cream. It's kind of like sour cream but a little bit different, actually. Just partly sour cream."

It's really funny how time, measurement and vague ideas like that come across. Because he sometimes uses them in context well but mostly, he mixes them up. It's great to hear his stories but hard to remember them accurately to transcribe them! 

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