Monday, February 4, 2013

it doesn't always rain here

Today I got up with Fraser at 6:10 in order to write. This is an experiment. Now that Jacob doesn't nap, my afternoon down time has shifted. He still has quiet time, and sometimes that means he's quiet. But it's a lot harder to focus on writing when I have someone asking me every five minutes if his quiet time is over. So... here I am. 

We had some elusive winter sunshine this weekend and took advantage of it by heading out on a little nature hike in Tryon Creek State Natural Area. After living here for over two years now, I can see that it's green. But I don't know that I'll ever be used to how green. It's especially apparent after coming back from Boulder, also. That and the luscious, moist smells of rotten leaves, mud, water, clean oxygen, moss. So delicious. It did rain once when we were in Boulder and the smell of that was so very different: dusty, dry, sweet smelling. A lovely smell that my mother always calls "that Colorado smell". Both very different, both nice to experience. 

Anyway, here are some highlights of our adventure... and of the greenery. There's a lot of moss. Harder to get the boy these days. I have to trick him into having his picture taken.

Favourite question: what would happen if I put a marble up there?


  1. Looks like New Zealand! I was always amazed at all of the moss and ferns there. The rain there took a lot of getting used to as well. We arrived in what should have been summer but it was much wetter and colder than usual. All the MT and CO kids learned quickly that there's a reason why NZ farmers wear wool - you'll freeze in a cotton hoodie in that kind of humidity!


  2. Fantastic photos, Jill. Love seeing you all at play.

    Love you.