Wednesday, June 6, 2012

tales of the boy

I don't have a whole lot to share with you all today, but I am working to be more regular about writing here again. I've noticed that I've had some long stretches away. 

Jacob and I have made some homemade orange sherbet. I don't know that it looks like the kind you'd buy in the store, but it is tasty. Ours turned out rather like an ice block. Hmm...

We also got the boy a new bike. He still "rides" it mostly by walking it, with his legs straddling both sides. He doesn't yet sit on the seat and push himself along. I'm sure it won't be long.
 We are also headed out tomorrow for our first camping trip of the season. Jacob has been asking to go camping since about February and there were some weekends that, had we been more prepared, we probably could have had some nice impromptu campouts. However, this weekend is the real deal. We're headed up to Ft. Stevens State Park   up a bit north on the coast. I'm not sure how much sun we'll see, but we'll pack all sorts of clothes for exploring outdoors and games for tent time when we come to warm up. I'll be sure to have some more pictures to share when we get back.

Meanwhile, a few Jacobisms to pass along:

J: What's the difference between a stop sign, a stop light, a stalagmite and a stalactite?

As we were all laying in bed one morning, Jacob reaches up to touch both our faces and says, "Alright, my cute darlings."

J: Mommy, come here. I have a whip-ser. (whisper)

He asks me to read some books and says, "You pick out the book. I have some options but I don't want to pick any of my options right now." 

Sometimes he'll have to go get something or do something and he always reassures me of... different things:
"I'll go downstairs and get the book and come right back. I promise."
"Don't worry, Mommy, I'll be careful."

He's very careful to say "he or she" whenever he's talking about a person. Such as, "If I say something to a person and he or she starts to cry, I'll say to him or her, I was just saying that to myself, not to you." 

If something happens that isn't exactly good, like his drink cup tips over, he'll say, "The good news is...." So, in the case of the cup, he'll say, "The good news is the cup was empty." It's a phrase I use a lot and it's really cute to hear him say it too.

He's also (still) into asking how or why every single thing works, including the fan in the computer, trees making their food, the vacuum tube at the bank, water through our pipes... the list really goes on constantly. There are many answers I don't have. It's a good way for me to increase my knowledge too. When I have the energy to look all the questions up.    

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