Friday, May 18, 2012

"exploring" the garage

I have been making some headway in the garage during nap times. The rest of the house is getting a bit neglected. Alas. It's turn will come at some point.
Above is the (growing) pile of things that are going to be making their way out of our garage. I think it looks more impressive in person. Some of it is for returning to people, some to sell, some to give away. All of it is leaving, though, in some way or another.
These are the boxes of kitchen things that will still be in our garage. Not too bad.

I am making my way now into the craft supplies. Definitely a tricky category. It's all the "I want to make a project with this some day but have no idea what" category. I am not good at getting rid of things in this area. I will do my best.
I recently came upon a book called How To Be An Explorer of the World . It's a really fun book all about looking at the world differently, noticing things, creating from what you discover. One of the explorations is to make a case of very small things: collecting tiny things and putting them in an old mint tin or small box. How fantastic! Small things always been my fascination. They serve no other purpose but that I like them. I like how they look together all jumbled in their random smallnesses. I like how some of them feel. I like how they sound rattling around in the box. 
Who is to say that pleasure is useless? -Charles Eames
Maybe I like this book because it is helping me justify keeping some of these things that others might think of as trash. I bet more people than just me have collections of small things, though. Even Jacob loves small things. 

Now, back to the garage. I'm at a point where I'm wondering if the mess I'm making is actually going to end up in some sort of order ever again. Keep my focus small: I'm working on the craft boxes. That's it. Just craft boxes...


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