Thursday, November 17, 2011


Another great yoga class this morning. The focus: mindfulness. It sounds so simple and yet is so challenging. Try to remain in the present moment for as long as you can. Most of us would barely make 5 minutes. I have been trying to take time and practice it, and it does get easier. 

Sit still, close your eyes, focus on the breath. Let the mind just be. When it wanders (which mine just loves to do) gently bring it back to the breath. There are times when this seems pretty near impossible to me, and I don't last long. Other times, my mind listens, my director voice with my list of things to do is silent and I can relax into a peaceful, mindful state. 

This practice helps me slow down during my days. It helps me realize what is truly important and not just busy work. It allows me to take meaningful time for myself and not feel at all guilty about it. It gives me more patience and compassion and understanding when interacting with Jacob. It helps me see and appreciate all the beauty in and around me. 

I suggest you practice too :)

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